foster homes needed


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Alley Cats and Angels (AC&A) capacity to save feline lives is directly dependant on the number of foster homes available. We need loving homes to care for some of our homeless cats and kittens while we search for their permanent homes. By fostering a cat, you have an opportunity to make a huge difference in the life of that cat and eventually its new family/person. Fostering a cat by opening your home and heart to a cat in need is a great experience; it can be hard work, but it is also extremely gratifying. The cat(s) will provide you with love, joy, and the satisfaction of having saved a life. The experience is quite rewarding and a wonderful way to teach children responsibility toward pets. The commitment could vary from a couple of weeks to several months depending upon your availability. We have kittens and adults of all ages that need a temporary home.

Foster Homes Provide:  

  • Love, care, and socialization to the cats/kittens in your care
  • Invaluable insight into the foster cat's purrsonality, which ultimately helps better match the fostered cat with the right forever home
  • Food and litter, these are tax deductible (we will supply food and litter when we have it donated)

Alley Cats and Angesls:

  • Pays for medical bills and any necessary medications
  • Works with each foster parent to show the cats for adoption events
  • Provides mentoring and advice from veteran fosters and rescuers


Of course it will be difficult to say goodbye, having cared for your foster cat from the beginning of her rescue. You will never forget the look of terror on her face as you gently pulled her from the carrier. Later that evening, you witnessed the dramatic change that a simple brushing and hearty meal could make in her appearance and confidence. Over time, you saw her get stronger and more trusting. In your heart, you will know that it is time to let her go... time for your foster cat to have a family of her own to love and who loves her. You will be comforted to know that her new family has been carefully screened by Alley Cats and Angels adoption counselor to ensure that she will be well cared for and loved throughout her life. And you will know that you have done a generous and beautiful thing by providing a temporary home for your foster cat, but then letting her go in order to make space for the next homeless cat waiting to escape the cold and dangerous streets or a shelter's death row.

Click here to complete and submit our online foster volunteer application.

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